The Paris-Brest-Paris 2023 route is now officialfrom 20-24 August the legendary quadrennial amateur cycling test of endurance (and sleep deprivation) will depart from Chateau Rambouillet outside Paris on a 1219 kilometers long route with 11750 meters of climbing.

The event is so physically and mentally demanding it is only held once every four years, providing would-be PBP participants who average 50 years in age plenty of time to prepare their bodies…to suffer.

Last run in 2019, Paris-Brest-Paris has a field size limited to 8000 pre-qualified riders, who must complete the route in under 90 hours, else their names will not be added to the PBP honor roll.

For most riders PBP is a personal race with a single goal, beat the 90 hour time limit. Like any event nowadays though, some cheaters and rule breakers do show up, but will be assessed time penalties as follows when caught:

Along the route there are 18 planned check points, with random pop-up checkpoints also likely. The checkpoint locations along the route are:

Chateur Rambouillet at km 0, Mortagne-au-Perche at km119, Villaines-la-Juhel km 203, Fougères km 292, Tinténiac km 353, Quédillac km 378, Loudéac km 435, St. Nicolas-du-Pelem km 482, Carhaix km 515, Brest km 604, Carhaix km 697, Gouarec km 831, Loudéac km 782, Quédillac km 842, Tinténiac km 867, Fougères km 928, Villanes-la-Juhel km 1017, Mortagne-au-Perche km 1099, Dreux km 1177, Chateau Rambouillet km 1219


Photos/Media: Audax Club Parisien