The oft-quoted phrase “If it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen” may be the most popular comment uttered while on group training rides nowadays. Beginning on 8 February 2023 it will cost twice as much to put your training, ride metrics, routes and hard earned KOM’s (like from the end of your driveway to the garage door) on Strava to showcase and prove you actually did it.

The world’s most popular training app for cyclists, even with over 100 million users, is jacking up monthly prices by a whopping 50%, from $7.99 USD to $11.99 – without adding any significant new functionality.

Strava seems to be doing what many other companies have done recently, growing their bottom line with unprecedented inflationary price increases.

On top of sky high energy prices, soaring food costs and ongoing supply chain issues driving up the cost of a Continental GP5000S tire to over $75 USD, it will now cost a lot more to keep (and share) a Strava training log or Strava art.

The 50% price increase is not just for Strava users in America. United Kingdom Twitter user @coxy1976 questioned the huge price increase (in British pounds) too:

The Strava app has become so integrated within the cycling community, 10 billion miles were uploaded in 2021, that riders considered the now $11.99/mo Summit version a basic requirement to keep track of rides, fitness goals, performance analysis and of course the ability to compare yourself to other cyclists.

But there are FREE alternatives to consider in lieu of paying Strava’s new premium rates for the same old functionality, including Strava’s own free version that offers basic ride tracking and performance data. Other options include Training Peaks, MapMyRide, Kamoot, Garmin Connect, Endomondo and RideWithGPS.

Photos: Strava