19 amateur national teams competed Friday evening at the UCI Granfondo World Championships in the Team Relay race, with teams of four riders competing on a 2 kilometer circuit in the center of Le Albere District, Trento.

With drafting allowed and each team member required to complete 3 laps (6km) before handing off to the next team rider, the racing was tactical, fast and intense for crowds of spectators lining the course.

The race came down to a final sprint between the Slovenia 1 and Germany 1 teams. Slovenia 1 was fastest in the final meters to win the sprint and gold medal (non-UCI) in 41:27 for multiple Gran Fondo World Champion Laura Simenc, plus powerhouse riders Hren Ales, Dean Bratus and Bogsa Uros.

Finishing four bike lengths and one second behind the Slovenians was Germany 1, with Belgium 2 earning the final podium spot in a time of 41:58.


1SLO10:41:27Simenc, Ales, Bratus, Uros
2GER10:41:28Weber, Schallau, Volbracht, Szalay
3BEL20:41:58Smits, Vandermoeren, Claes, Bauters
4ESP10:42:01Fernandez, Nieto, Paulano, Gago
5BEL10:42:01Slegers, Luypaert, Van Kerkhoven, Merckx
6FRA20:42:02Kuss, Frigiolini, Tige, Bey
7CAN10:42:13Bovill, Pop, Bird, Martin
8CZE10:42:59Blinka, Vodicka, Veitova, Drabek
9FRA30:43:00Mouchard, Perroux, Rivoal, Dornier
10AUT10:43:34Kirch, Koppensteiner, Lisko, Toniolli
11SLO20:43:46Selan, Iskra, Jelic, Kopse
12POL10:43:46Jach, S. Szafraniec, Wojciak, P. Szafraniec
13ITA10:43:46Zuco, Bertani, Gorini, Basso
14NOR0:44:09Rosok, Falck, Petter Skaras, Langleite
15CZE20:45:39Baier, Rakova, Ejem, Nemecek
16MGL0:46:53Gurdorj, Gavaajavm Tsedendamba, Agvaansuren
17USA10:46:57Warren, Bishop, Hutchings, Lesher
18FRA10:47:02L. Fosse, A. Fosse, Fresnel, Giroux 
19GBR10:49:51Thwaites, Day, Hatton, Deakin

Photo: Ariel Wojciechowski