The 2022 French National Elite and Professional Cycling Championships in June will include a Tricolore Cyclosportive Championship race once again.


Scheduled each year from Thursday to Sunday, the French National Cycling Championships previously did not include any events on Friday, so the French Cycling Federation (FFC) added the amateur Tricolore Cyclosportive “to animate that day, so as not to have a finish line that is useless,” according to FFC spokesperson Marc Tilley.


In 2021 the highly popular Tricolore Cyclosportive was brought back as part of the French National Championships held in Épinal after a 20-year hiatus.   27 year-old Mathieu Urbain won the new edition, a 105 kilometre amateur race with a field of over 400 participants.

In 2022 the second “new” Tricolore Cyclosportive will be held in Cholet on Friday 24 June, the day before Elite and Pro riders start racing for Tricolore National Road Titles.


The proposed single loop cyclosportive route for up to 1000 riders will cover 133.4 kilometres with departure and arrival in Cholet.  The FFC is also considering adding a shorter 60 kilometres non-competitive event to attract a larger audience and help promote the sport.