In the latest report published by the World Anti-Doping Agency this week, 39 (22% per cent of the world total for cycling) Anti-doping Rule Violations (ADRVs) were reported in Italy in 2019, making it the #1 country for cycling doping violations.

Driven by an increase in amateur cyclists testing positive for banned substances, including Felice Giangregorio, Flavio Pagliaccia, Matteo Marini, Marco Morrone, Sergio Viola, Guido Paolo Dracone, Roberto Ciervo and Enrico Zen at gran fondos, Italy now owns the very embarrassing title of World’s Biggest Doping Violator in the sport of cycling.

No other country was even close, allowing Italy to easily solo in for the win. 

Spain finished 2nd with 15 ADVRs, Brazil 3rd with 13, Argentina 4th at 10 ADVRs and China snuck into the Top 5 with 10 ADVRs.  

Overall, cycling accounted for 14% of all ADVR’s worldwide across all sports in 2019, finishing in 3rd place behind Bodybuilding (22%) and Track & Field (18%), but ahead of Weighlifting (13%) and Powerlifting (9%). 

Find all the full 2019 WADA ADVR report with details by sport and nationality HERE

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