The first edition of GFNY Peru treated 150 participants to a challenging day of racing in the rugged Andean Mountains of Peru, with 22 year-old Peruvian neo-pro Andre Gonzales (TEAM START GUSTO) winning a two-up sprint to earn the title GFNY Peru Champion.


Starting and finishing in the Imperial City of Cuzco on 11 July, Gonzales completed the 130 kilometre route ridden at a sky-high average elevation of 3000 metres and topping out at 3782 metres in 3:35:27.  An amazing performance on the highest elevation gran fondo course anywhere in the world.  


It was on the final climb of Valle Sagrado, 19.2 kilometres at 4.5%, that Gonzales attacked with runner-up and fellow pro-rider Alonzo Gameroup to drop Alexander Urbina, who finished third.  The rest of the peloton, including 2019 GFNY Panama Champion and Mexican National Champion Luis Enrique Lemus Dávila, dribbled across the finish line solo or in very small groups on the difficult high altitude course.  


In the Women’s race, Ecuadorian Patricia Paredes soloed to victory in 4:24:30, almost eight minutes ahead of Peruvians Romina Medrano and Caroline Lindsey, who came in second and third place respectively. 


Riders finishing in the top 20% of their age group earn the right to start in the front corral at the 2022 GFNY World Championships planned in New York City on 15 May, although any cyclist may enter since there are no qualification requirements except paying a $350 USD entry fee.   

GFNY Peru is planning to hold the second edition on 10 April 2022.

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