Union Cyclist International (UCI) has announced the first edition of gran fondo UCI Tour of Lakeland has been cancelled at the last minute due to new Covid-19 pandemic restrictions announced by the Finnish government.

The competition was scheduled for 24 July, but many international riders are no longer able to attend due European and UK travel restrictions.  The Gran Fondo World Championship qualifying event expected over 2000 riders to attend, with large contingents traveling from Canada, Sweden, Estonia, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Germany, Norway and Spain.

Current registrations will automatically move to 2022 when the event hopes to return on 23 July.

UCI Tour of Lakeland is the sixth Gran Fondo World Series race to be cancelled in less than a month due to rising COVID-19 Delta variant cases in the world.  UCI Granfondo Dnipro, Granfondo Moscow, Gran Fondo Charly Gaul, Gran Fondo Rio de Janiero and the UK Tour of Cambridgeshire have also been cancelled.  

UCI Around Samcheok gran fondo planned for 22 August in South Korea is now also at risk of cancellation after the South Korean government reinstated COVID Level 2 restrictions yesterday due to a record setting spike in virus cases.  Level 2 restrictions ban all gatherings of more than eight people. 

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