Over 1500 amateur cyclists from all across Mexico took part in the first edition of the GFNY Mazatlan gran fondo race on 2 May, but it was professional riders who rode away with the top honors.

The 140 kilometre race along the Pacific coast of Mexico started in the dark before sunrise in 68F temperature and humidity a sticky 71%.

From the start the peloton quickly strung out with a large nimble pack forming up front on the flat roads of Mazatlan. A few less nimble riders behind were unfortunately caught up in a crash that ended their race early.

Two hours later, professional riders José Alfredo Aguire Infante, Luis Enrique Lemus Dávila, Mario Zamora Rangel and Eugenio Mirafuentes took control and attacked. The quartet worked together, building a one minute lead over a chasing pack not willing to watch the podium ride up the road.

With less than 20 kilometres remaining, Mario Zamora Rangel was dropped from the quartet as the others sought to improve their odds of winning. Although, with Jose Alfredo Aguirre Infante one of the most accomplished and decorated sprinters in all of the Americas, the final result seemed a foregone conclusion.

It was.

Jose Alfredo Aguirre Infante (CRISA SEEI) won in true champion style with a fist pump and both hands off the handlebars as he crossed the finish line. Luis Enrique Lemus Dávila (REPUBLICA N1) was next, followed by 21 year-old Eugenio Mirafuentes (VELPRO).

The Women’s race was just as exciting with an elite trio also breaking away. Guided by Mexican National Road Champion Maria Antonieta Gaxiola (GG CYCLING CLUB), the trio including Brenda Andrea Santoyo Perez (BIKES COFFEE HOUSE) and Ana Belen Garza Perez. Working together smoothly they built a 10 minute lead over the field. At the finish all three sprinted for the win, with Antonieta Gaxiola Gonzalez taking top honors.

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