The 21 stage Giro-E pedal and battery powered fondo version of the Giro d’Italia will take place on the same days and on the same routes as its professional sibling. The 3rd edition of Giro-E starts in Turin on 8 May and arrives in Milan on the 30th after e-bikers and their electric assist machines cover 1540 kilometres and 25000 vertical meters.

The Giro-E 2021, the only stage event in the world reserved for pedal assisted bikes, will also have the same exciting Giro d’Italia atmosphere: thousands of roadside fans cheering, signature board at the start, daily battle for six special leaders jerseys and an award ceremony on the podium of the champions – all created by RCS Sport, organizer of the Giro d’Italia.

Giro-E stages have a daily mileage that varies from 70 to 115 kilometres. Each stage is covered in a group, except the final sections where team captains (former professionals) engage in an elbow rubbing sprint to the finish. With the event promoting long term environmental sustainability, the leaders jerseys of the race are linked to a sustainability goal: affordable and clean energy (purple jersey), industry, innovation and infrastructure (orange jersey), quality education (red jersey), sustainable cities and communities (white jersey), climate action (blue jersey), good health and well-being (green jersey).

Seven corporate teams will participate in the event with team captains riding all 1540 kilometres and other team riders jumping in and out as needed. The teams are : ENIT–Agenzia Nazionale del Turismo, Toyota, Randstad eCycling Team, Fly Cycling Team–CDI, Mediolanum, RCS Sport, Emika/ E-Powers and Valsir.

Just like the Giro d’ Italia there are rules (20 pages worth), daily watts-up press briefings and yes, battery checks to make there is no e-doping.


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