On a beautiful sunny spring day with southern dogwood trees in full bloom, over 1000 cyclists showed up to ride with ex-pro George Hincapie at his Gran Fondo Hincapie Chattanooga event in the United States.

28 year-old Wesley Elford (SUPRA FUNCTIONAL FOOD BARS) from Georgia was fastest on the day, needing only 3:37:18 to win the 77 mile race along the Tennessee River and up Sequatchie Mountain.

Finishing almost 2 minutes behind was a group of five riders who tried to bring Elford back, but in the end sprinted for the final two podium spots. Al Meyer nipped Spencer Wittier to finish second with Wittier third.

Former professional rider Debbie Milne won the Women’s race in 3:46:05 with a fifteen minute lead over second place finisher Sara Fletcher and Gillis Rowston, who ended up third.

George Hincapie and former pro Bobby Julich worked as domestiques for Hincapie’s twelve year old son Enzo, who finished a very impressive 50th place in 4:10:44.

PHOTOS © Tyler Broome Photography, Gran Fondo Hincapie

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