Just 24 hours left until the start of the Haute Route’s largest event, the 2021 edition of Haute Route Watopia.

The 3-day 3-stage virtual race taking place on Zwift is FREE, which is a pretty good deal since signing up for an in-person 3-day Haute Route race costs 800 euros – or more.

Beginning Friday 26 February with multiple start times, riders will tackle the massive 53km “Mega Pretzel” route (ok, 53km hardly seems massive, but keep in mind it’s a small virtual world) and wind across Watopia’s various routes before finishing at the top of a Volcano.

On Saturday plan to bring your climbing legs for what is sure to be a painful 53km ride around “The Pretzel”9 (again) with over 1300m of vertical gain this time.

Sunday’s third and final stage wraps up with an ascent of Alpe du Zwift, Zwift’s version of the storied Tour de France Alpe d’Huez climb. Last year over 2000 riders raced this final Haute Route Watopia stage – all from the ‘comfort’ of their own home -and this year a larger field is expected.  So why not join ’em…

Overall General Classification standings will be tallied for those completing all three stages, but riders may also opt to ride just an individual stage or two.

Just like in-person Haute Route races, riders and results will not be checked for doping (mechanical, chemical or otherwise), so don’t get all bent out of shape when see you a 70 year-old Zwift beginner climb Alp du Zwift at 6.5 w/kg. and crush your ego.

Just ride, get a great workout and have fun.

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