Italy’s Gran Fondo Lapierre got lucky in 2020, it dodged the virus and stay-at-home orders, allowing 1300 amateur cyclists to ride what would be one of only a handful of gran fondos held in 2020.

The race will need a lot more luck in 2021 if it is to happen at all.

After 22 years, during which the Gran Fondo Laigueglia Lapierre has established itself as the premier Italian season opening race, organizer GS Alpi has cancelled the amateur event planned for 28 February with hopes of rescheduling in late March.

GS Alpi’s Vittorio Mevio announced the change, “The decision to move the Granfondo Laigueglia Lapierre at the end of March derives from an assessment of the situation linked to the health emergency. Given the general situation, we preferred to move everything to March 28, with the hope that the numbers of the contagion could diminish.”

The event is part of the several Italian Gran Fondo Series including: ZERO WIND SHOW GRAN FONDO SERIES, GS ALPI GRAND FONDO TROPHY SERIES and NALINI ROAD GRAN FONDO SERIES.

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