The world famous sold-out 11th edition of the Mallorca 312 gran fondo race originally scheduled for April is now hoping the race will happen on 10 October, but there are significant changes and hurdles still to overcome…

The Mallorca 312 event will not offer the traditional 312km route, instead riders may only ride 225 and 167km routes.

All riders (8000 are registered) must agree to be tested for coronavirus by the organizer at least 48 hours ahead of the event, with positive test results disqualifying a rider from participation.  It is unclear whether the Spanish government will also get the test results and enforce a mandatory 14 day (or more) quarantine for riders testing positive.

The organizer makes it perfectly clear they are not guaranteeing the event will happen.  They have not received final authorization from the government and health authorities to hold the event and may cancel the event at any time up until the start on 10 October.

The good news registered riders can get their money back as the event organizers announced in April “all registrations have the right to a refund of the total fee, so participants can register without fearing a possible cancelation.”

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