As part of new UCI technical rules affecting time trial bikes in 2023, it amateurs participating in the UCI Gran Fondo World Championship Time Trial in Scotland may need to add a mandatory “height category” sticker to their bike and complete a height attestation form.

With the introduction of rules allowing different equipment setups for different rider heights, the UCI now also wants every rider participating in a UCI sanction time trial event, which includes the Gran Fondo World Championship Time Trial, to affix a sticker to their bike noting the rider’s size category (1, 2 or 3). This will aid the commissaires’ required pre-race bike inspection.

For simplicity the new “1-2-3” rule separates riders into three height categories, with each one allowing a different measurement of the time trial handlebar stack height, measured from the middle of the forearm support to the aero handlebar extension end.

There are three downloadable labels available: Label 1 for riders under 180cm in height, Label 2 for riders 180-189.9cm and Label 3 for those big riders over 190cm.

In you do not know how to apply a sticker to a top tube, no worries. The UCI has published a free “How to Apply a Height Category Sticker for Dummy’s” handout. The bottom line is the sticker must be applied to the top of the top tube and be visible at all times.

A bicycle not displaying a UCI height category sticker “will be measured by the UCI Commissaire under the Default Measurements as per Article 1.3.023,” which currently limits un-stickered bikes to Label 1 measurements. In addition, riders must complete a “Rider Height Attestation” form certifying their height.

The height category sticker is not required for UCI Gran Fondo World Championship qualifying series races.

As it stands now, based on past UCI Gran Fondo World Championship events, all of the UCI Technical Rules, including sticky height category labels and attestation forms, will apply to amateurs competing in the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships. Though, this may change prior to August when the worlds take place in Scotland.

Photos: UCI