Cycling Canada is jumping on the gravel bandwagon and will host official Canadian Gravel National Championship races in 2023. The championships will take place as part of the 29th Paris to Ancaster (P2A) point-to-point bike race.

P2A, inspired by France’s epic Paris-Roubaix race, is Canada’s original grasphalt (gravel and asphalt) race that set the stage for today’s current North American gravel racing scene. The course west of Hamilton, Ontario includes numerous cobblestone sectors, gravel roads, dirt single-track trails and asphalt pavement – all often covered in snow, sleet and rain.

This year’s race will be held on 30 April with the national championship competition taking place on the 100 kilometer Cento course, including the (almost) world famous “mudslide of death.” 

National gravel titles along with red-and-white Maple Leaf national champion’s jerseys will be awarded for men and women in the following categories: Junior 17-18, Elite Open and Masters 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+.

In order to compete in the 2023 Canadian Gravel Championships riders must enter the P2A Cento race and have a racing license. For Elite and Junior riders that means possessing a UCI license. Masters racers must have a UCI or Canadian Provincial license. Note, only Canadian citizens are illegible for national titles.

Non-championship rides of 100, 70 and 45 kilometers in length are also available, with over 1600 riders already registered. Both national championship and non-championship riders will be on the course simultaneously.

P2A and Canadian National Gravel Championship information available HERE.

Photos: P2A