The family of 2019 USA National Road Race Champion Gwen Inglis who was run over and killed on a training ride by an impaired driver has won a civil court case and verdict for $353 million USD according to a press release from lawyers. ,

Last June, the driver Ryan Scott Montoya was sentenced by a criminal court to eight years in a Colorado USA prison after he ran over Inglis, immediately killing the 46 years old amateur national champion while she was training in a designated bike lane.

Court records indicate Montoya was driving under the influence of narcotics and alcohol when his vehicle veered into the bike lane occupied by Inglis and ran her over from behind at a high rate of speed. Also, evidence was presented that Montoya had previously DUI convictions and arrests, including just ten days before he killed Inglis.

“There is no amount of money that brings Gwen back. We’d all pay it if there were. But her legacy in part now can be saving other lives,” Attorney Megan Hottman posted on Instagram after the civil court verdict was announced. “Part of this verdict is for punitive damages – damages meant to deter others from this conduct.”

Photos: Blackswift Cycleton team