The banned drug triamcinolone made famous by Tour de France champion Sir Bradley Wiggins, British National Time Trial Champion David Millar, and more recently 2021 Boston Marathon champion Diana Kipyokei, continues to be found in amateur cyclists according to the Italian National Anti Doping Organization, most recently 30 year-old Dario Nacca.

Dario Nacca, 30, tested positive for triamcinolone at Gran Fondo Padavo on 26 June 2022, where he finished second overall. After an investigation and anti-doping tribunal hearing, NADO has suspended Nacca from participating in all aspects of the sport for two years, with his sanction set to expire 25 June 2024.

Typically, anti-inflammatory triamcinolone is prescribed by doctors to treat medical conditions such as eczema, arthritis and asthma. But with endurance sports athletes like cyclists, marathoners and nordic skiers, the banned drug helps athletes lose weight without suffering any loss in power, thus resulting in athletes generating more watts per kilogram of weight and faster speeds.

Former pro cyclist and banned doper David Millar has described triamcinolone as the most potent performance-enhancing drug he ever used. “It made EPO [Erythropoietin] feel weak,” he wrote in his book ‘How to Get Away with Doping.’

Nacca is the fourth Italian amateur gran fondo cyclist caught test positive for triamcinolone in the past two years, following after Stephano Colage, Enrico Zen and Baldassare Barbera

Photos/Media: Stock, NADO