UPDATE 12 November 2022: Gran Fondo Abu Dhabi preliminary results HERE.

On Saturday 12 November Gran Fondo Abu Dhabi will hand out prize checks totaling AED 2,000,000 (€550,000*) to top finishers at the 150 kilometers long point-to-point amateur race starting in Abu Dhabi and ending in the beautiful Garden City of Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.

That is the biggest cash payout ever for a gran fondo and bigger than most one-day professional races.

Payouts will be equal for women and men, with each overall winner taking home AED 300,000, while the rest of the age group category winners will enjoy an AED 15,000 prize. Even 30th place will earn AED 2000, about ten times the cost of entry.

Current and recent professional riders are not eligible for cash prizes and would-be dopers looking to score a big payday better read the fine print before signing up.

Any rider that returns a positive anti-doping test result within six months of the event may have to pay the organizer AED 200,000 (€55,000) in damages.

“Anti-Doping: In case of being tested positive during the anti-doping controls carried out at the the event, or in case of being tested positive in the 6 (six) months following it, the organization reserves the right to ask for compensation from the participant. Requesting an amount of AED 200,000 to cover the damages to the image of the event.” Gran Fondo Abu Dhabi

The race is the latest in a line of key cycling events launched by His Highness Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed to make Abu Dhabi a leading global cycling destination, including the UCI Urban Cycling World Championships from 9-13 November 2022 and the 2028 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships.

Gran Fondo Abu Dhabi information and registration HERE.

* 1.00 AED = approximately € 0.28

Photos/Media: Bike Abu Dhabi