A Ring doorbell camera captured the sights and sounds of huge crash in the front peloton at the 10,000 rider Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred amateur bike race in Texas on Saturday morning.

Homeowner Kevin Jackson was out in front of his house with his son to cheer on the racers as they passed through the town of Iowa Park, just 10 miles into the 100 mile race.

A rider close to the front of the pack touched wheels with another cyclist and soon dozens of riders were falling like dominoes as the sound of screaching metal and breaking carbon fiber filled the air.

Jackson ran out to render aid and emergency responders quickly arrived on the scene of the pileup and reported one rider was transported to hospital with a broken collarbone, everyone else incurred various levels of road rash.

Making it through the crash unscathed, Jeff Scarella was the fastest rider on the 100 mile course, stopping the clock with a winning time of 3:57:30. Ute Nestler was the fastest women, finishing in 4:26:01.

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Photos: Kevin Jackson