Jack Burke has won the 41st Ötztal Cycle Marathon. The 27 year-old is the first Canadian to win the storied amateur event, one of the hardest cycling events in Europe.

Burke (UCI Union Raiffeisen Radteam Tirol) rolled across the finish line in Sölden, Austria on Sunday after 227 kilometers and over 5500 meters of vertical climbing in 7:10:13. Local Austrian riders Dominik Salcher (7:13:18) and Alban Lakata (7:13:21) completed the podium. 2021 champion Johnny Hoogerland (7:30:58) finished 23rd.

“This is my favorite event of the year. Celebrating here with all the fans at the finish, who go completely crazy, is incredible,” said a completely pumped up and ecstatic Burke afterwards.

After winning the TOUR TransAlp week-long race in June, Catherine Rossman, 33, made her first appearance at the Ötztal and added another victory to her palmares, earning the women’s title in 8:04:30.

“Victory here at the Ötztaler is the greatest success for me, because the competition was very strong. The race was a dream – especially the picturesque scenery in the mountains and the many spectators,” Rossman said.


  • 1. Jack Burke (CAN) 7:10:13
  • 2. Dominik Salcher (AUT) + 3:05 minutes
  • 3. Alban Lakata (AUT) +3:08
  • 4. Hans-Jörg Leopold (AUT) +5:35
  • 5. Daniel Federspiel (AUT) +5:53
  • 6. Manuel Senni (ITA) +7:29
  • 7. Paul Verbnjak (AUT) +8:15
  • 8. Patrick Hagenaars (AUT) +8:44
  • 9. Stefano Cecchini (ITA) + 10:16
  • 10. Jonas Hosp (AUT) +10:30


  • 1. Catherine Rossmann (GER) 8:04:34
  • 2. Samantha Arnaudo (ITA) +6:08 minutes
  • 3. Martha Maltha (NED) +8:58
  • 4. Monika Fritz (GER) +23:09
  • 5. Ils Van der Moeren (BEL) +25:41

Starting in 2023, the Ötztal Cycle Marathon will be held at the start of summer, rather than at the end. It will take place on the second Sunday in July, with the lottery for starting bibs opening in November 2022 for the 42nd edition scheduled on 9 July.

Complete Ötztal Cycle Marathon results HERE.

PhotoCredits: Ötztal Cycle Marathon, EXPA/ Johann Groder