The President of The United States did what ever amateur cyclist has done, the embarrassing act of forgetting to unclip a foot from the pedal when coming to a stop and then falling over on the ground, like an upside down turtle.

Joe Biden, 79, was riding his bike (with Secret Service agents as domestiques) on Saturday morning near his beach house in Delaware, when he forgot to pull his foot out of old skool rat trap pedals with toeclips & straps and fell over.

He was trying to stop to talk with press and a gathered crowd when he committed the common amateur rookie mistake, and took a presidential tumble.

As the gasps rang out from the crowd, Biden rolled around on the ground for about ten seconds as Secret Service agents swarmed around the Commander in Chief.

Despite the embarrassing tumble, Biden popped back up and proclaimed, ”I’m good”, before glad-handing the crowd and speaking with reporters like a good politician. Although, he did not ask about the condition of his bike, like most cyclists, after falling.

The White House said Biden was wearing a helmet and gloves as every cyclist should and did not need to see a doctor afterwards. No word on the bike.

Photos: The MacFarlane/DailyMail