Before 755 gravel cyclists started the 62-mile Barry-Roubaix gravel race on Saturday in the frozen forests of Michigan USA, their knobby tires and derailleur cables were already frozen due to damp sub-freezing conditions.


Things didn’t get any better once the race started, but Canadian pro graveleur Adam Roberge (Jukebox Cycling) earned his first win of the season by finishing the ice and snow covered course in 2:41:18.  Just three seconds behind were John Borstelmann (Abus Pro Gravel) and Alexey Vermeulen (Jukebox Pro Cycling) in 2:41:21 to take second and third place respectively.

In the women’s race, Paige Peters (ABUS Pro Gravel) won the women’s race in 2:55:29, besting Austin Killips (Pratt Racing) by almost five minutes. Andrea Cyr (Butcherbox Cycling) finished third in 3:02:55.

In the “Psycho Killer” 100-mile event, Jorden Wakeley won from a field of 200 crazy riders in 5:40:11, while Caden Budd took the “Two Hours Is My Limit” 36-mile race in 1:47:53 and James Meyer claimed the “It’s Cold! Let’s Get This Over Quick” 18-mile race in 0:58:05.

Just over 2200 cyclists participated in the 2022 Barry-Roubaix, one of America’s longest-running and most prized gravel races.

Complete Barry-Roubaix results HERE.

PHOTOS: R. Nakamura, R. Kiessling