Swapping traditional Tour de France yellow jerseys for baja blue jerseys, over 400 cyclists from Baja California, central Mexico and all across the world started L’Etape La Paz last Sunday on the seaside boardwalk of La Paz.


On the 125 kilometre gran fondo course, 19 year-old Junior Pan American Games Champion and Mexican Junior National Champion Jorge Adrian Peyrot Balvanera soloed to victory in 3:00:42.  Four minutes later Hans Torrez Ramirez (3:04:35) and Jose Alejandro Madue Amador (3:04:36) sprinted for the final podium steps.


In the women’s category, 30 year-old Maria Montserrat Camargo Santacana also reached the La Paz finish line solo and in first place, completing the route in 3:12:51. After winning the regional road championships the previous day, Alexa López Ramírez finished second in 3:16:20. Jancy Meraz Barcelo was third with a time of 3:19:09.

Angel Manuel Aguilar Avilés (1:41:50) won the 70 kilometre medio fondo race with Italia Ramírez Ramírez the first women (1:44:30).

Complete L’Etape La Paz results HERE.

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