More than 3500 Argentinian cyclists participated in the 10th edition of Gran Fondo Siete Lagos in the colorful landscape of Patagonia on a clear, sunny and wonderful Sunday.


The 220 kilometre gran fondo and 110 kilometre medio fondo routes started from the center of Villa La Angostura, before climbing up into the mountains and around the event’s famous seven lakes (Siete Lagos).

The winner of the 220km Gran Fondo competition was Enrique Estévez de Olivos with a time of 05:36:44, in second place Matias Baudino from 05:36:53 and Cristian Ranquehue earned the final podium spot in 5:40:21.

The Women’s 220km podium went to Sofia Martelli, 06:19:17, in second place was Liliana Flores 06:34:56 and Sofia Enecoiz was third with a time of 06:48:28.


In the Men’s 110km Medio Fondo the top podium step went to Va Regina Lisandro Gonzalez with a time of 02:31:47, in second place Matias Coppola de Laferrere 02:46:18, and Plottier Pablo Maripe was third at 02:50:40.  In the Women’s category, first place went to Yanina Balatti 03:12:32, second place to Valeria Rossi, 03:14:32, third place to Ayelen Adan Tucker 03:18:45.


In the Men’s E-Bike category, first place went to Hernan Morano 01:25:59, second place to Cordoba Emanuel Torti 01:29:40 and third place to Alejandro Menendez Beheti 01:39:12. While the fastest e-women were Mercedes Casanova, 01:55:34; Paula Pinero 02:01:38 and Mariana Lagarrigue 02:17:44.

And the Paracycling podium went to Claudio Gomez 03:06:45, Marcos Alejandro Folgar 03:14:29 and Juan Hernan Basso 03:14:29.

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