United States Anti Doping Agency has suspended teenager McAben Prince from South Carolina after he returned a positive test for a prohibited anabolic substance as the result of an in-competition test in July. 

Prince, 19, who won the amateur Alabama Classic Sunny King Criterium on 3 July 2021, was tested for synthetic anabolic androgenic steroids at the race using a isotope ratio mass spectrometry, which is capable of detecting urinary steroids of synthetic origin.   

The test confirmed Prince used non-naturally produced testosterone, which has powerful performance-enhancing capabilities for cyclists, including increased muscle mass, strength and endurance.  

Excluding his now disqualified win in July, Prince had a lackluster season, placing in the top 10 only once in 27 races.  In late 2020 he entered Gran Fondo Hincapie, organised by former pro George Hincapie, where Prince finished 581st out of 684 riders.

Prince’s four-year suspension started 19 August 2021 and ends 19 August 2025.  In addition, Prince has been disqualified from all competitive results obtained on and subsequent to 3 July 2021.


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