Amateur age group triathlete and sportive rider Jack Scholfield was halfway through a 300 kilometre ride outside Manchester, England last week when a driver crashed into him head-on, launching him like a rocket high into the air.

The horrifying crash was caught on another driver’s dashcam around 1pm and shows Schofield being directly hit in the middle of a roundabout, flying into the air along with his Scott carbon bike and landing hard on asphalt. 

Emergency works arrived at the scene of the crash quickly and treated Schofield before transporting him to Queens Hospital in Burton-on-Trent, where he underwent observation for five hours before being discharged.

The 27-year-old rider was left bruised from head to toe – a broken toe sustained in the crash – and was shaken up.  Luckily, his injuries were not more severe.

“I’m so immensely lucky to have walked away – there are countless scenarios where people barely walk away or come off much worse than me,” Scofield told CoventryLive afterwards.

Schofeild’s Scott bike was not so lucky, it was thoroughly trashed  – broken frame, bent wheels, cracked handlebars and a drivetrain that does not shift. 

Undeterred by the crash, Schofield is already in the market for a new bike and seeking ideas…

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