400 cycling enthusiasts successfully faced the third edition of Chasing Cancellara Zurich – Zermatt gran fondo, the toughest event in Fabian Cacellara’s international series of amateur races series.  At 280 kilometres and 6500 vertical metres in difficulty the race starts in Zurich, Switzerland and finishes in Zermatt under the shadow of the Matterhorn.


From weekend warriors to wannabee-professionals the series offers the unique opportunity to ride and compete with former World and Olympic Champion Fabian Cancellara, although he did not ride this year’s race.

2019 European MTB Masters Champion Fabien Monnier (TEAM PAPIVAL SCOTT GRAND RAID BCVS) claimed victory on the demanding course, arriving in Zermatt in 10:05:32, but not without controversy.  Monnier received a 10-minute time penalty for riding through a red light and failing to stop. 

Stefan Schneeberger was next to arrive in 10:15:23, followed quickly by Urs Muller (TEAM KOACH) at 10:21:00.

Claudia Sutter (STD RACING TEAM) won the Women’s category in 11:00:04, with Alina Mylka second at 11:23:34 and Stephanie Graf third at 11:48:55. 


The event operates under strict environmental and safety rules. Littering, urinating in public and not following road rules is punished with a 10-minute time penalty for the first offense, a second offense is automatic disqualification.  Besides Monnier, Roman Eberle, who finished 22nd, also received a 10-minute penalty for failure to stop at a red light.

At the start of the event Fabian Cancellara announced the race will return in 2022 with the sponsors, Mercedes and Zermatt Tourism, renewing for another three years.  “Zurich – Zermatt is something very special. Crossing Switzerland once – over epic Alpine passes such as the Glaubbielen or the Grimsel, is a highlight every year. I am extremely pleased that we will continue to be able to be guests in one of the most beautiful mountain destinations in Switzerland every year in the future,” said the two-time Olympic champion. 

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