If you think COVID-19 is all sorted out with gran fondo events resuming, better think again. 

An exponential increase in new COVID-19 Delta variant cases in Portugal has forced the Municipality of Braganga to cancel the much anticipated 11 July 2021 Braganca Granfondo at the last minute in the interest of public safety.

In view of the seriousness of the situation, the Municipalities of Braganga and Vimioso, organiser BikeService and the Portuguese Health Authorities have decided that health safety conditions are too dangerous to hold the Braganca Granfondo, even with the implementation of strict safety protocols and preventive measures already announced.

According to official data, the highly contagious Delta variant is already the most prevalent in Portugal and is present in 55.6 percent of new Covid-19 cases, which are at their highest level since February 2021. Experts believe that this variant will dominate all of Portugal very quickly.

Granfondo Braganca is not the only amateur cycling event to scrubbed by the surging Delta variant.  UCI Gran Fondo Moscow and UCI Gran Fondo Charly Gaul, both also scheduled for this weekend, have been cancelled as well.  

Granfondo Braganca plans to return July 10, 2022.

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