Faced with numerous event cancellations, declining participation, field size limits, travel restrictions and surging COVID-19 Delta cases around the world, the UCI has announced it is increasing the percentage of UCI Gran Fondo World Series riders who qualify for the World Championships to 25% instead of 20%, which was put in place after the 2019 World Championships in Poznan, Poland.

Now, UCI Gran Fondo World Series riders who finish in the top 25% of their age group will automatically earn an entry to the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships that take place each year in September. 

“The main goal of limiting the percentage to 20% in the last two seasons was the safety of riders during the World Championships with more qualifier events each year (29 scheduled last season) and more participants at the start of the World Championships , but given the pandemic, this limitation was of no use anymore,” the UCI said in a press release.

In other words, the UCI is expecting a very light turnout for the 2021 World Championships and are lowering their qualification standard to try and attract more participants and revenue.  The new top 25% qualification standard could qualify an additional 1000 riders for the World Championships. 

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