Organisers of the L’Ariégeoise Cyclosportive in France announced that cancellation of the cyclosportive, which was to be held on 26 June for more than 3,500 registered riders, is required due to burdensome government health constraints.

Via press release, the organisers stated, “According to the latest directives from the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports we have full responsibility for planning departures in such a way that that the participants of the different waves cannot at any time cross paths BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the event.”

With six different routes that start and end in Tarascon-sur-Ariège, plus overlapping routes that use the same Pyrenean roads, it is impossible for the organiser to follow the directive. Accordingly, they have cancelled the amateur cyclosportive race for the second year in a row.

Nevertheless, beginning in July, the new Ariégeoise Permanent will offer cyclists three different options to ride.

“This is a project on which we have been working for a year and a half,” announced the president of the organising association Patrice Vidal, “with the Permanent Ariégeoise race, Permanent Ariégeoise classic and Permanent Ariégeoise reco, it will be a festival of cycling all year round.”

For the first race, the people who have registered will be able to benefit, on the day they want, from all the services that a normal Ariégeoise”, explained Vidal. “The other two options, which can be carried out at the convenience of the participants on the proposed circuits, will make it possible to earn badges, synonymous with points and, therefore, advantages with the partners of the Ariégeoise.”

At the same time, the association created Club 365 which aims to be an “Ariégeoise Community.” “People join for the year. This allows them to participate for free in the permanent Ariégeoise, and to benefit from a VIP reception on the day of the Ariégeoise race, race in virtual Ariégeoise and to get discounts on products from event partners: catering, accommodation, tourist sites, etc.,” Vidal added.

Vidal hopes to “perpetuate” the race and cycling in the beautiful Ariégeoise region.

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