Debra Ceschin was out for an early 20-mile ride on Tuesday in the beautiful Arizona foothills doing what she loved – cycling.

It was her last ride after a hit-and-run driver ended her life and left her by the side of road near McDowell Mountain Regional Park northeast of Phoenix, USA.

“She’s ridden that road many, many times, she felt comfortable with it and knew if she got going early enough that there wouldn’t be traffic and the heat wouldn’t be too bad,” husband Tim Ceschin told 12News.

Police indicate a witness reported seeing a suspicious truck, a Toyota Tundra, stopped at McDowell Mountain Regional Park, about two miles north of where Ceschin was found, and two men trying to fix heavy damage to the right front fender and headlight around 06:30.

The truck, with visible front end damage, was also recorded on video proceeding through a nearby intersection around the same.

After posting the video, police received numerous tips from the community and arrested 27-year-old Gage Grimes. So far, he has been booked on one count of leaving the scene of a fatal traffic collision with other charges, including vehicular manslaughter, pending.

“She was just a great, great person and someone everyone is missing right now,” Tim Ceschin.

PHOTOS: MCSO, T. Ceschin

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