Gwen Inglis, the reigning USA National Amateur Road Champion in the 45-49 year-old category was on a training ride Sunday 16 May with her husband near their home in Lakewood, Colorado when she was struck and killed by a car.

There are few words that can express the feeling of loss for any of our cycling community, and Gwen was a particularly special person. She was a multiple national and state champion on the bike and very well known across the cycling community in Colorado. Even more impressive was her character off the bike. Knowing Gwen, you would immediately be aware of her strongest qualities. She consistently brought joy into all her relationships, and she openly accepted everyone.

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The car driver, 29 year-old Ryan Montoya, drifted into her lane and hit her according to police statements. Inglis was rushed to the hospital where she later died. Montoya is being held in Jefferson County Jail, facing charges of Vehicular Homicide involving Driving Under the Influence or Driving Under the Influence of Drugs Lakewood police announced on Monday.

According to the arrest affidavit, Inglis’ husband reported that he and his wife were riding at 10:00 in a bicycle lane, which was clearly marked by a solid white line, when a black Nissan sedan driven by Montoya came close to hitting him and then hit his wife.

The impact threw her from her bike into the air before she landed in dirt on the side of the road, and her husband said he did not see signs of life when he checked, according to the affidavit.

Another motorist driving behind Montoya’s Nissan reported they were both going around 55 miles per hour when she saw the Nissan slowly drift out of its lane and hit Inglis directly, the affidavit says.

When examining the Nissan, investigators noticed the front passenger side was damaged, part of the the bumper on that side was missing, a large dent in the passenger side of the hood and the front windshield had a large impact on the passenger side, according to investigators.

Montoya said he was not texting when the crash happened, but did admit to consuming alcohol and marijuana about 23:00 the night before. He also originally denied using any other narcotics or prescription drugs, then changed his story and admitted to smoking methamphetamine. Officers also found a piece of tinfoil in the driver’s door with a straw and burn marks consistent with drug use, according to the affidavit.

Upon conducting a field sobriety test, officers noticed Montoya’s eyes were bloodshot and droopy, his physical movements slow and his speech was also slow.

After performing a DUI test and refusing a chemical test, the officers placed Ryan in custody for suspected DUI.

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