The 2021 UCI Gran Fondo World Championship scheduled to take place in Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina with upwards of 3000 amateur cyclists from around the world on 5 September has now set new a new date – 10 October – and new location – Sarejevo.

“UCI World championchip Gran Fondo 2021″ will be held in East Sarajevo,” confirmed the director of the championship Vladimir Kuvalja.

The International Cycling Union also contacted Kuvalja with a request that, since most of the Gran Fondo World Championship qualifying races have been postponed until August and September, the 2021 Gran Fondo World Championship move to the beginning of October in Sarejevo to allow more riders to qualify.

The UCI Cheaha Challenge Gran Fondo in the USA has confirmed via email the new October date for the World Championship race is 10 October.

These World Championships will take place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina from October 6-10 with a challenging and hilly course comparable to the Cheaha Challenge.”

The new October date allows more cyclists to qualify for the World Championships at Gran Fondo World Series events rescheduled in September/October as follows:

09/12/21 Niseko Classic, JAP

09/05/21 Gran Fondo Isle of Man, GBR

09/12/21 Gran Fondo Vosges, FRA

9/05/21 Classique d’Appalaches, CAN

09/25/21 Schleck Gran Fondo, LUX

09/26/21 Tour of Cambridgeshire, GBR

10/03/21 Tre Valli Varesine, ITA

Of course, all of this is all dependent on the pandemic situation coming and remaining under control, final UCI approval, local/regional/national government approval, and a lot of luck.

Time to cross your fingers, get out that lucky rabbit’s foot and start searching for a four-leaf clover…


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