The Tour de France experience arrives in Spain this July at L’Étape Madrid by Tour de France. After having to suspend the 1st edition of the event in 2020 and reschedule the 2021 event from 6 June to 25 July, the Spanish organiser RPM-MKTG is now confidently moving forward. 

L’Etape Madrid will depart and arrive in the town of Villanueva del Pardillo on 25 July, framed in the Guadarrama Basin. Two distances, one more demanding of 170km and +3200m and the other shorter will take cyclists on Tour de France stage designed by experts and will feature legendary climbs in the area. 

With a strong resume of organising mountain bike extreme races, such as the Titan Desert, one of the most spectacular and tough races in the world which takes place annually in the desert of Morocco, the Titan Tropic and the Powerade Non Stop Series, RPM-MKTG is planning to add more amateur gran fondo road events in Spain.

They are planning two new L’Etape events in the popular Spanish cycling destinations of Granada and Valencia.  So far, RPM-MKTG has been tight-lipped on details and dates for these new L’Etape events, but with the current pandemic situation 2022 is likely the earliest they will be scheduled.

No doubt, after the long pandemic pause and thousands of event cancellations (including L’Etape Australia last week), amateur cyclists will welcome new opportunities to ride like a Tour de France pro and feel like a cycling legend. 

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