Possibly reading the writing on the pandemic wall, Gran Fondo National Series (GFNS) has announced their entire 2021 competitive series will be raced on the RGT virtual cycling platform – for FREE.

The upcoming nine race E-Fondo Series, including an E-championship race, will use RGT Cycling’s innovative “Magic Roads” to simulate GFNS’s real-world courses in a virtual environment.

“We wanted the indoor and outdoor experiences on GFNS courses to be as similar as possible, and realistic in-game physics is what RGT does best. They were also excited to integrate our timed-section competition format, complete with on-screen graphics and tracking rider results over multiple events,” said GFNS founder Reuben Kline

Riders will compete over timed segments with multiple opportunities to qualify for the in-person 2021 GFNS National Championship tentatively planned for 18 July in North Carolina, USA.

The E-Fondo Series offers both weekday and weekend competitions with three separate start times for each race.

Florida – Sunday 02/07
Georgia – Thursday 02/11
Highlands – Sunday 02/14
Asheville – Tuesday 02/16
Boone – Thursday 02/18
Golden – Sunday 02/21
Maryland – Tuesday 02/23
Jensie – Sunday 02/28
Championship – Sunday 03/07

GFNS E-Series races are open to all cyclists throughout the world.

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