Normally neutral Switzerland is on going to war, attacking cycling’s world governing organization, International Cycling Union, for refusing to refund 11,000,000 Euros Switzerland paid to hold the 2020 World Cycling Championships.

Seems Switzerland is in the same predicament as many gran fondo riders who paid for an event this year, only to have it cancelled due to COVID19 with the organizer deciding to keep millions in unearned fees.

Following the cancellation of the 2020 World Cycling Championships in Aigle and Martigny, the Swiss Federal Government has asked the UCI to refund all money collected for the event which was initially to take place in August, postponed to September and finally moved to Imola, Italy.

“It would be absurd for a world sports association to generate millions in public money profits after a World Championship that was finally canceled,” said Swiss National Councilor Aline Trede.

The UCI has remained silent on the matter and has not refunded any fees paid thus far.

To add insult to injury, the UCI is headquartered in Switzerland and the Swiss government is paying benefits to UCI employees furloughed due to COVID19.

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