Hardcore gravel cyclists will soon have a new way to get dirty.

RGT Cycling, a free (as in no cost to use) virtual cycling platform, is partnering with one of the UK’s biggest gravel races, Dirty Reiver, to bring virtual gravel riding to everyone.

The partnership allows cyclists to ride Dirty Reiver’s legendary 200km Northumberland gravel route from anywhere in the world.

“The new Dirty Reiver road will enable RGT users to experience gravel riding from home, with in-app functionality aimed at giving a real-life experience virtually. In a world first, riders will experience real-world impacts on speed, of the road surface being ridden, providing a truly enhanced feel when switching from road to gravel,” said RGT’s James Vickers.

No doubt, we expect gravel bike smart-trainers capable of simulating muddy, sandy, ruff-n-tumble and washboard surfaces that beat the hell out of riders to be announced soon.

The new announcement comes just days after RGT Cycling launched a new look across its online app, featuring more race formats including Time Trial and Elimination mode, as well as enabling riders to create their own race formats on real-world courses including Mont Ventoux, Borrego Springs, Stelvio, Majorca’s Cap de Formentor and the infamous Tour of Flanders Paterberg.

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