Update 06/09/2021: After entering a guilty plea in April on two counts of DUI resulting in death, the driver, 45 year-old Jordan Barson, has been convicted and must serve a sentence of between 16 and 40 years as the result of his actions.

A Las Vegas, Nevada USA group ride with 20 amateur gran fondo cyclists went horribly wrong Thursday morning, when a large truck rammed the cyclists and their follow vehicle, killing five on impact and injuring three others.

The four men and one women killed were 41-year-old Gerrard Nieva, 57-year-old Michael Murray, 48-year-old Aksoy Ahmet, 57-year-old Thomas Trauger, and 39 year-old Erin Ray.

Former Las Vegas police officer Michael Anderson was on the ride and gave the follow interview afterwards:

According to Nevada Highway Patrol, the crash occurred on U.S. Highway 95 near the town of Searchlight as the group rode south towards the California boarder. The speed limit on the highway is 75 mph.


The cyclists started in south Las Vegas and were planning to ride the popular 130 mile Nipton Loop route in the wide-open desert of southern Nevada.

With a strong south wind, cyclists were drafting behind their safety follow vehicle when a large box truck plowed into the riders at a high rate of speed, pinning them against the follow vehicle and instantly killing several.  The force of the impact also pushed the follow vehicle into cyclists riding in front of the follow vehicle.

The injured cyclists and the follow vehicle driver were transported to medical centers in Las Vegas and Boulder.

Nevada Governor Sisolek issued the following statement:

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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