Sunday 1 March saw over 400 determined fondo riders line up to race the 2nd edition of Mediofondo Vetralla just north of Rome in central Italy.  The region is not under Coronavirus quarantine, at least not yet, and these dedicated cyclists did not want to miss out on what might be one of the few Italian springtime fondos this season.

Although 155 registered riders opted to skip the event, Onofrio Monzillo was not one of them and won in 2:13:17, followed by Alfredo Balloni at 2:18:32 and Leonardo Viglione in 2:18:44 to complete the men’s podium.

For the women Chiara Turchi crossed the finish line in 2:32:31 to earn a early season victory. Gioia Chiodi finished in 2:32:47 with Karolina Maciejewska at 2:37:07 to take second and third respectively.

The 87km event with 1130m climbing is part of Italy’s seven race Pedalatium gran fondo series running from March to September in the central Region of Lazio.  The next event is 29 March at Gran Fondo Internazionale Fara In Sabina on a 122km course with 2100m vertical.

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