Italian gran fondo events are being cancelled while the entire amateur cycling season is under threat of cancellation following Coronavirus outbreak in Italy.

So far 7 people have died and the number of cases of the virus in the country has surged past 230 in just a few days. Italian authorities are now imposing fines on any person entering or leaving quarantined areas in the Northern Italian regions of Lombardy, Piemonte and Milan.

Schools and universities are closed, world famous Milan fashion week shows are cancelled and now, Italian gran fondos are being cancelled too.

Originally scheduled for March 1, Gran Fondo Ceriale has been cancelled due to Coronavirus and tentatively rescheduled for May 17.

Upcoming March events including Gran Fondo Ancona, Gran Fondo Diano Marina and Gran Fondo San Remo – San Remo are now also under threat of cancellation with authorities soon expected to order all sporting events to cease operations.

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