British cycling apparel brand Rapha wants you to come on board and join their popular global Rapha Cycling Club (RCC).

With over 15,000 members and 23 clubhouses, Rapha Cycling Club is the largest gran fondo cycling club in the world.  Period.

Now, they want to grow the club even further and just cut the cost to join by almost half, from £135 to £70.

The popular global RCC aims to bring riders from around the world together – and sell them very nice cycling clothing too.

Rapha offers club members a signature RCC club kit, early access to exclusive Rapha clothing,  basic personal injury insurance and members-only RCC products.  A RCC members only app also connects club members to a global network of ride leaders, group rides and members to facilitate riding.

Also, Rapha’s 23 worldwide clubhouses, which resemble high-end Milanese clothing stores, will now offer members half-priced coffee when you stop by before or after a ride.

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