Occasional gran fondo rider, part-time podcaster and full-time disgraced Tour de France cyclist Lance Armstrong is offering amateur cyclists the opportunity of a life-time, the chance to ride with him and George Hincapie for five days around the island of Mallorca: at US$30,000 per person though, it is not for the average amateur.

The event will host a dozen cyclists for five days of cycling on the Spanish island of Mallorca with Armstrong and his former US Postal team mate George Hincapie in September, 2020.

Armstrong is calling the ride “The Move Mallorca,” named after his cycling podcast.

The price includes meals, accommodation, bicycles and all kinds of cycling equipment, making it a week-long cycling shindig for the elite 1% of the cycling world.

For the other 99%, a week-long trip to ride the epic Majorca 312 only costs about $1000.

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