Police in Dublin, Ireland raided a shipping container the day after Christmas and uncovered 116 stolen high end racing bicycles worth €250,000.

With almost 4,000 bicycles stolen in Dublin last year, 10+ every day,  police had been investigating a sophisticated high-end bicycle theft ring shipping stolen product overseas.


Acting on an anonymous tip, the police, An Garda Síochána, executed a search warrant on Thursday morning at a 40ft metal shipping container in Dublin with the local fire brigade cutting open the container.

Inside were bicycles of “all makes and models”, a spokesman for the An Garda Síochána said. “It is estimated that the value of the items is approximately €250,000 owing to the uniqueness and specialization of the items.”

Giant, Cannondale, Willier and Bianchi carbon fiber bikes can be seen in the police photos.

Police will try to identify the rightful owners and return the bikes.

Photos of bikes that are not returned will be posted to social media in the coming weeks with hopes of finding the owners if they can prove ownership.

No arrests have been made and investigations are ongoing.

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