Following the example set by Nove Colli gran fondo, UCI Gran Fondo Matildica has decided to cancel due to the unprecedented flooding in Italy. The UCI Gran Fondo World Series and World Championship qualifying event, originally scheduled for Sunday 4 June, will now take place three weeks AFTER the 2023 world championships in Scotland.

The cancelation means there are no world championships qualifying events remaining in Italy. Italians looking to qualify now only have two nearby options, Maraton Franja in Slovenia on 11 June and Gran Fondo Suisse in Switzerland on 18 June.

Roberto Camorani, president of A.S.D. Cooperatori who organizes Gran Fondo Matidlica, announced the June cancellation, “We met, we examined all the possibilities, and we asked ourselves if we could guarantee one hundred percent the safety of our participants. The Reggio area has not suffered the same damage as the Romagna area, but continues to be a great concern. In some areas, even close to the routes, there are dangers of landslides. We were ready to welcome cyclists for a great celebration of sport and cycling, but we decided to postpone the event.”

On 27 August 2023, Gran Fondo Matildica will now serve as the first event for amateur cyclists to qualify for the 2024 Gran Fondo World Championships scheduled in Aalborg, Denmark. Riders finishing in the top 25% of their age/category automatically qualify to participate in the world championships.

The decision to reschedule on 27 August was taken after detailed analysis of the Italian race calendar, and only one viable date existed to hold Gran Fondo Matildica in 2023.

Photo Credit: Gran Fondo Matildica

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