On Monday the Italian Anti-Doping Organization (NADO) banned three amateur MTB cyclists from three 3 months to 5 years for anti-doping violations.

Angelo Peluso agreed to a 3 year ban for violating anti-doping article 2.3 (evading or skipping a required anti-doping test). The sanction runs from 20 April 2023 until 19 April 2026.

Federico Rispoli was banned 5 years for using the performance enhancing substances Ostarina and GW1516. The sanction runs from 27 February 2023 until 26 February 2028.

Pietro Caliendo received a 3 month ban after violating anti-doping article 2.1 (presence of banned substance) when Cocaine was found in his test sample. The sanction is effective from 4 April 2023 until 5 July 2023.

Photo Credit: NADO Italia

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