The French lifestyle is all about the art of living life to the fullest, always making time for the important things, like friendly gatherings, excellent food and wine, and of course cycling. This past Thursday while you probably had your nose to the grindstone at work, 694 amateur cyclosportive riders took advantage of a French public holiday, Ascension Day, to ride in the 41st edition of 3 Cols Cyclosportive in La Tour-de-Salvagny, just outside Lyon.

Every year the race is held on Ascension Thursday, a day to commemorate the Christian belief of the bodily ascension of Jesus into Heaven. Lucky French cyclists always look forward to riding the mid-week cyclosportive, including pace cars, awards and even podium girls.

It is not a just a mid-week club coffee ride either. The 143km gran fondo length course included 2700m of climbing, while the 93km medio course climbed 1735m.

This year, the host team, MATERIAL-VELO.COM, raced smartly and aggressively to win three of the four categories.

Thibault Clement (MATERIEL-VELO.COM) soloed to victory in 3:59:57 on the 143km route, followed by teammate Jacques Lebreton and Jordan Sarrou at 4:03:39. Camille Udny (CHADAM CYCLING TEAM) won the women’s race in. 4:58:00.

For the medio race, Clement Peuget (MATERIEL-VELO.COM) won in 2:40:59 for the men and Noémie Bucamp (MATERIAL-VELO.COM) earned victory in 3:06:39 for the women.

Complete 3 Cols Cyclosportive results HERE.

Photo Credit: TAC Cyclo/3 Cols

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