“If at first you do not succeed, try, try again…”

That is exactly what 37 year-old Theuns van der Bank has been doing at South Africa’s Herald Cycle Tour road race. On Sunday 19 February in Nelson Mandella Bay his persistence finally paid off as he powered to victory on the 106 kilometers long course in 2:35:21 to claim his first Herald Cycle Tour title.

Van der Bank started riding in the Herald Cycle Tour as a teenager and has been competing for a podium position for a decade.

“After coming here for years, l’ve at last got onto the podium. This is probably my ninth or tenth one and my first time on the podium. I am glad I can tick that box at last,” the full-time teacher told HeraldLIVE afterwards.

Claiming second place was Nolan Hoffman (2:35:36), with Wynand Hofmeyr (2:35:37) coming in third.

In the women’s race Hayley Preen won her second Herald Cycle Tour title, finishing in 3:01:09. Maroesjka Matthee (3:03:16) defeated Juanita Mackenzie (3:03:17) to take second place.

The 24 year-old Preen rode aggressively for 90km solo to reclaim her title after finishing in fourth place in last year.

“The race was really good, and the weather this year was much better than last year when we were pretty much being blown off our bikes. I went solo from about 15km into the race so I was on my own until the end…,” she said in an interview with HeraldLIVE.

Aswin Jacobs won the 106km open classic category race in 2:55:33, while Anam Malgas won the women’s in 3:04:37.

Over 1200 cyclists participated in the 37th Herald Cycle Tour.

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Photos: Herald Cycle Tour