The 24th edition of the Gryphon 99er Cycle Tour in Cape Town, South Africa was held Saturday 11 February in blistering hot conditions, with daytime temperatures approaching 95F. But the heat did little to slow down the fastest of over 1500 amateur non-licensed racers in the 100 kilometers long competition.

While the elite licensed racers who started 15 minutes ahead of the amateurs rode a slower tactical race, the front pack of amateurs kept their heads down and pressure on the pedals across the entire route. Amateur ultra-cyclist Floris von Bonninghausen was the fastest, stopping the clock at 2:24:57 with an average speed of 41.39kph. Just behind was Jonathan Gregory Monroe Ferguson and Yusef Banderker (both 2:25:23) and Asive Diela (2:25:26).

In total, forty-five non-licensed amateurs had finishing times faster than the first elite rider Hanro Geldenhuys (2:28:19), who defeated Johan Trotzky (2:28:19) and Wynand Hofmeyr (2:28:20). The 2023 elite’s were a whopping 12 minutes slower than last year’s elite field.

The fastest female on the 100km course was elite rider Corli de Bruyn who recorded a time of 2:30:45, followed by Delmarie Zitianellis (2:32:00) and Susan Lea Melmed (2:32;14).

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Photos: 99er Cycle Tour