Amateur gran fondo rider Artem Shcherbyna was out for a training ride along the Alicante coast of Spain when reigning World Road Cycling Champion Remco Evenepoel (Quick-Step) passed him. Since rarely does an amateur have the opportunity to ride with a cycling superstar, Shcherbyna quickly jumped into the slipstream of the champion and recorded the event on a GoPro camera.

Although Shcherbyna, who rides for the amateur Leader Citron Team out of Ukraine and placed third at the 2022 AKRA Gran Fondo, had the legs to briefly put out 400 watts to stay with Evenepoel, the world champion was not amused, and in fact annoyed at the bothersome actions of Shcherbyna who amusingly calls himself a “Proffesional amateur cyclist, almost climber, half a sprinter, nearly time-trialist” on Strava.

Unfortunately Shcherbyna broke a cardinal unwritten cycling rule. It is always proper cycling etiquette to always ask “Mind if I sit in?” before drafting behind an unfamiliar rider. Doing otherwise is considered rude and disrespectful.

In the video below after two minutes Evenepoel can been seen accelerating to drop Shcherbyna, only to have the amateur claw his way back. Then the world champion waves Shcherbyna off and drops him for good since it is too risky to have an unknown, unqualified amateur riding centimeters off a pro’s real wheel and interrupting training.

Media: Artem Shcherbyna