The New Year’s Day weather forecast at Gran Fondo Daily News World Headquarters in the Rocky Mountains looks a bit challenging for a die-hard road rider hoping to start 2023 on the bike.  With 10cm of fresh snow, overcast skies and a high temperature of -1C I’ll use these eight tried-and-true pro Winter Riding Tips to make my outing a bit more enjoyable, rather than just bitter cold.

Hope you too can sneak out for a ride.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

  1. LAYER UP. “More is better” when layering clothing, so try to look like Bibendum – The Michelin Man.  Remember that speed is of the essence when adding layers, do it quick and get outside else you overheat. Since I own lots of vintage cycling clothing from “back in the day,” I wear wool jerseys, wool shorts, ski gloves, silk undershirts, wool tights, neoprene booties and a balaclava to keep my head toasty.
  2. ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN. After a long winter ride without sunscreen your face will look like a raccoon or an Olympic alpine Super G skier. So even in winter, always wear sunscreen – trust me.
  3. ENJOY THE SIGHTS. Winter is a beautiful time of year to relax, ride and enjoy the view.  Maybe even find time to take a few pictures.
  1. SLOW DOWN. Some cyclists ride hard all winter. They usually burn-out and mysteriously disappear from group rides before gran fondo season starts in early Spring.  Just ride a steady tempo to generate enough heat to stay warm.
  2. LEARN TO SUFFER. Only hardcore cycling addicts ride in Winter. A few years ago on a New Year’s Day I rode with another addict, Matt Seagrave, former Pro and Belgian hard-man. For three hours we rode side-by-side six inches apart in 30km/hr wind on ice covered roads while frozen spittle stuck to our lips.  It was epic fun.  After that, climbing Mont Ventoux and Alp d’Huez is easy – mostly.
  1. REWARD YOURSELF. Stopping for a hot cappuccino mid-ride, enjoying homemade tortilla soup back home and having a glass of wine in front of a warm fire are my post-ride perks. Make sure you have some too.
  2. AMAZE NON-BELIEVERS. Over the years, I’ve given up trying to explain to people what I do on the bike. They can’t handle the truth. It’s easier to say “I worked out today” and let them be amazed with that simple truth, rather than telling them I spent New Year’s Day riding in -1C temperature in snow for 4 hours just for fun.
  1. THAT WONDERFUL FEELING. Whether riding solo or with a group, cycling in winter provides us with a wonderful sense of accomplishment while preparing us to crush whatever epic rides are on our bucket list next season.

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